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For all your legal matters you are in good hands with Feel the relief of being properly advised and defended in a professional manner.

• Preparation of Complaints and of Response to Complaints
in Federal Court and State Court

• Preparation of Appeals and Response to Appeals

• Government, Government Corporations and Municipalities
– Administrative procedures before government agencies, public corporations
and Municipalities

• Labor Matters on behalf of employees or employers
-Wrongful termination
-Employment discrimination
-Wage claims
– Vacation, sick, disability or family leaves
-Retaliation and harassment claims
.Reasonable accomodation claims
-Civil Rights claims
-Labor claims against the goverment and municipalities
– Claims before Public Service Appellate Comission
– Claims before goverment appellate agencies
-Review and preparation of employee manuals and policies
-Labor Investigation

• Personal and Corporate Bankruptcies
– Chapter 13 financial reorganizations
– Chapter 7 bankruptcies
– Chapter 11 reorganizarion bankruptcies
-Negotiation of payment plans with creditors
-Protection of homes as a result of mortgage foreclosures
-Protection of assets like the use and possession of automobile
as a result of collection of money or repossesion actions
-Creditor claims
-Claims on behalf of creditors

• Copyrights and Trademarks

• Corporate, Commercial, and Personal Image Rights
• Real estate property rights
– Segregation, aggregation and group transactions for the recording
of property rights
– Court legal claims to record property rights in Registry of Property

• Succesor rights, Inheritance and Donations
-Probate Proceedings
-Inheritance rights
-Treasury Department Inheritance Tax Filings
-Recording Rights at Registry of Real Estate Assets
-Liquidation and disposition of inherited rights
-Management of Inheritance Assets
-Designation of Executor Proceedings
-Recording of Inheritance Rights at Registry of Property

• Family Law
-Child and spousal support claims
-Liquidation of conjugal partnership
-Pre nuptial agreements
-Custody of minors
– Designation of Tutor for minors or disabled persons
– Senior Citizens´rights
-Paternity Rights

• Notary Law
-Homestead Deeds for personal home
-Sworn Statements
-Purchase and Sale Transactions
-Cancellation of Mortgages
-Power of Attorneys
-Liquidation of Conjugal Partnerships
-Liquidation of Community Properties

• Contracts
-Drafting of contracts
-Legal advice regarding contractual rights
-Collection of money
-Legal advice regarding businesses and partnerships
-Legal advice regarding partnership rights and claims
-Independent Contractors
-Contratistas Independientes

• Corporations
– Legal Advice regarding the Organization and
Management Corporations
-Preparation of Articles of Incorporation
-Preparation of Corporate By-Laws
-Preparation of Shareholder Agreements
-Legal Advice regarding the rights of shareholders and claims
or defenses due to disputes among shareholders


• Foreclosure of Mortgages
-Filing of foreclosure of Mortgage Claims
– Negotiation of Modification of Mortgages and Contracts

• Rights as a result of damages caused by Hurricane María or Climate Events

• Consumer Rights
-Claims before Department of Consumer Affairs
-Violation of Consumer Rights in Sales of Products or Services

• Tenant and Lessor Rights
-Breach of Contracts

• Damages Claims
-Breach of Contracts
-Slip and Falls
-Neighbor disputes
-Libel and Slander
-Insurance claims
– Construction Defects
– Products liability
– Violation of Privacy Rights
-Medical Malpractice

• Claims for violation of Constitutional and Civil Rights

• Protection of assets and rights due to migration caused by effects
of Hurricane María

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